A sunset on Lake Tahoe
Looking for more in life? Dreaming of that swim spa that will bring well-needed relaxation to your days? Can’t wait to just immerse yourself in warm, soothing water, without a care in the world? Sounds like it’s finally time to make that decision. If you’re thinking about getting a swim spa in Lake Tahoe, we’ve
a woman relaxes in her hot tub
The heat is up and I’m sure lots of people in California could use a few tips on making the most out of their hot tubs and swim spas. Relaxation might seem like the easiest thing to do, but there’s actually an art to it. Here’s some advice on how to get some R&R this
four friends having fun in their swim spa in Fair Oaks
Swim spas are perfect for summer because they combine the features of a pool and hot tub in one. They are smaller than traditional pools but bigger than your average hot tub. Plus, they have powerful jets that provide constant movement that make it ideal for more than just swimming. That makes them the best
Did you know that hot tubs don’t have to be hot for you to enjoy them?  You can drop the temperature and enjoy a nice cool tub on hot summer days, or heat it up a little for those cool summer nights. Here are some tips from Blue Lagoon Spas & Swim Spas, the premier