How to Winterize a Hot Tub

Hot tub that needs to be winterized.
The winter is an ideal time for hot tub use, as the warm silky bubbles can warm the body and ease tension during the frost of colder months. While it’s best for most people to leave their hot tub water set to their ideal temperature for greater energy efficiency, its necessary for those planning a
A perfect hot tub gift for the holidays.
Now that the holiday season is before us, the search for the perfect gift officially begins for most people! Why not surprise your family with a brand new hot tub for the Christmas gift of a lifetime? Hot tubs not only provide a way to take the chill away during the winter season, but they
For many of us, winter is the perfect time to take a soak in a hot tub. However, while there’s no doubt that using a hot tub in winter can help with much-needed warmth and relaxation, special precautions must be taken to safely get the most enjoyment out of your tub during this time of

Beat the Winter Blues with a Hot Tub

This woman is beating the winter blues with a soak in her hot tub.
Winter is around the corner, but there’s no need to be down! Many hot tub owners turn their spa into the oasis they need during the cooler months and continue to reap hot tub health benefits well into the winter. Whether you have the blues from longing for the warmth of summer or are struggling