How to Prepare to Have a Hot Tub Installed
You may think that selecting your new hot tub is the exciting final step towards ownership; however, before you can enjoy your new turbo spa, it’s essential to make adequate hot tub preparation in your existing space. Location, Location, Location! Paramount to an enjoyable experience with your new hot tub is the right location. Locating
What Are the Standard Hot Tub Sizes?
The Importance of Knowing Your Space For many homeowners, having a personal hot tub in their backyard is a dream come true. But after deciding to purchase a hot tub, one of the first steps towards ownership is deciding where you’ll put your new whirlpool. Once you select the right space for your new hot
Water thermometer for hot tub showing ideal temperature.
Few things in life are as relaxing as taking a nice long soak after a long stressful day. Having a private hot tub makes it convenient to relax at home, but a big part of that relaxation has to do with water temperature. Finding your ideal hot tub temperature is essential to ensuring that your
What Chemicals Should Be Used in a Hot Tub?
Imagine walking up to your hot tub, prepared to relax, only to remove the cover and find the crystal blue water of your tub turned to a cloudy, icky mess. You’re left to shake your head in frustration and wonder where you went wrong. Having the right hot tub chemicals on hand can help you