How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Man and woman's feet kicking and splashing in a hot tub.
Hot tubs come in all sorts of purposes, styles, and sizes from small 2-person models to much larger swim or fitness spas. The weight of a hot tub depends on its size. But why, you ask, does one even need to know the weight of their hot tub? Here are two reasons why it is
Two little girls on a float in a hot tub.
Who doesn’t want a hot tub?!? When people are shopping for a hot tub, they soon find out that there are some costs to owning and running a hot tub after the initial purchase. These hot tub shoppers do their homework beforehand to determine how much these costs are, and how to fit them into

How Many Gallons Are in a Hot Tub?

Sparkling gallons of water in a hot tub.
You might just be beginning your search for your first hot tub, and wonder if your deck or patio will support the weight. Or you might be a new hot tub owner, trying to calculate water consumption. Either way, many people wonder how many gallons of water are in a hot tub. Well, the answer

Hot Tub After Workout: Good or Bad?

Woman soaking her legs in a hot tub after her workout.
It’s no secret that hot tubs are a great way to unwind after work, find arthritis relief, or get a better night’s sleep. Now, new studies have shown that there are benefits of using a hot tub after a workout that can improve athletic performance, such as lowering resting body temperature and increasing sweat rate.