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As your friendly neighborhood swim spa dealer, it’s our job to inform owners of swim spas in Auburn, California of the best practices for maintaining their systems. We want everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible, and proper spa maintenance is crucial for that. An infestation of mold and mildew doesn’t just hurt your water quality and ruin the bathing experience. It can also do lasting damage to your system! To keep your swim spa in proper working order and avoid a mold and mildew mashup, keep the following steps in mind:

Clean the Affected Area

For swim spa surfaces affected by mold or mildew, standard household cleaning products can do the trick. Apply as needed, but be sure to rinse it off afterwards! This will ensure that none of the cleaners gets into the filters and damage them.

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When people are looking to relax in their hot tubs in El Dorado, the last thing they want to see is cloudy water. That cloudy water could mean that the filter needs to be cleaned. Not only is nasty water unpleasant, it could end up damaging your filter. Keeping your filter clean not only keeps your hot tub inviting, it can also save you money! But how often should you clean your hot tub or swim spa filter?

You Should Clean Your Hot Tub Filters Every Two to Four Weeks

Every two to weeks is the rule of thumb. Not only will your water be clean, but your filters will last much longer. Clogged or worn out filter don’t trap contaminants as effectively. A clogged filter also puts a heavy strain on the spa’s pumps as well. To avoid clogged or worn out filters, you should:

  • Rinse your filters every two to four weeks.
  • Pre-rinse your filters and soak them overnight in non-foaming, filter cleaning compounds during every water-change (approximately every three to four months). Make sure to rinse the filters again and let them dry before reinstalling them.


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Nothing beats a relaxing dip in a hot tub. That relaxing time can come to an end if you aren’t keeping up with your hot tub maintenance, though. One of the biggest parts of making sure your hot tub has long life is making sure the water is clean and has the right proper chemical balance. So how often are you supposed to change the water? That is one of the most frequent questions we hear from new hot tub owners. Before you call a hot tub dealer in Sacramento for help, read this handy guide to knowing when and how often you should replace the water in your hot tub.

Plan on Every Three to Four Months

Three to four months is the recommended lifespan of your hot tub water. Even if your filters are fine and the proper treatment chemicals are used, the water will get cloudy by this point. The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels will get too high after three to four months. So you’ll have to flush, drain and refill your hot tub if you want clean and clear water. If you don’t the particulates will take their toll on the filters too. (more…)

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You’re looking for a relaxing dip but right before step in you notice that the water’s cloudy. That totally ruins the mood and puts you off from your hot tub or swim spa. What gives, right? You don’t necessarily need to call a Sacramento hot tub dealer to come and fix it. Some of the causes of cloudy water are simple to fix, and a few simple precautions can keep your water crystal clear. to explain what causes cloudy water in a hot tub or swim spa. Some of the reasons for such an off-putting and possibly unsanitary event include:

Clogged Filters

How long has it been since you’ve last rinsed or replaced your filters? Clogged or worn out filters don’t trap contaminants as effectively, and they put a strain on spa pumps. This could be why the water has turned cloudy. To avoid clogged or worn out filters, you can: (more…)