Steps for Spring Cleaning for Your Hot Tub.
A hot tub is a relaxing place to have your stresses of the day melt away. You would never want your spa water to become murky or your spa itself to become neglected. Your spa needs to be drained and filled every three to four months. Since spring is the season for cleaning, why not
Do I Need to Keep My Hot Tub on All the Time?
Imagine…after a long day of work around the house, in town, or at your desk, you get home to your luxurious hot tub. The water is warm—you don’t have to wait around for it to heat up—and you’re able to just jump right in. The only question, should you leave your hot tub on constantly?
hot tub in winter
For many hot tub owners, winter is a great time to enjoy the cooler outdoor climate. There is nothing more relaxing than experiencing the crisp air and calm energy of the winter months – as you are nestled beneath a warm wrestling massage of spa jets. Don’t let winter keep you indoors. Grab your family
couple in hot tub during winter
Once summer is over and fall sets in, most people begin to pull out their light scarves and long sleeves. Everyone’s preparing for the cooler months and all its festivities. The bathing suits and swimming trunks return to their respective places and hot tubs are covered and forgotten about until spring. Blue Lagoon Spas &