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It goes without saying that hot tubs are relaxing, but did you know they can also improve your health! Using water to treat health conditions is called hydrotherapy, and It’s been in practice for thousands of years. It offers many health benefits for people with a variety of conditions. Having a swim spa at home is the perfect way to enjoy the health advantages of water therapy. The following conditions can be greatly improved with hydrotherapy. Visit Sacramento hot tub dealer Blue Lagoon Spas & Swim Spas to learn more about owning a hot tub.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia 

Rheumatic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia impair the joints and soft tissue, leaving those who suffer with chronic pain. Swim spas can improve these conditions. The weightlessness experienced while soaking in water relieves the body of pressure and tension. The warm water relaxes the muscles, joints and tendons to reduce stiffness and pain. Swim spas also provide a great way for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia to gently exercise. (more…)

6 Steps to Set Up Your New Hot Tub

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The day your new hot tub gets delivered is exciting! You might feel a bit like a kid on Christmas, anxious to get it up and running immediately. Be sure to take the time to do it right, though. Doing so will help prevent future problems that can occur when you set it up the wrong way. Here are some tips to help your first time set up go smoothly. When in doubt, contact your hot tub dealer who’ll be happy to assist you.

1. Read the Owner’s Manual

It may seem tedious, but it’s important to read the manual before you get started setting up your spa. Even if you know a bit about hot tubs, every spa is different. The owner’s manual contains valuable information from the manufacturer that is specific to your new hot tub. Following the instructions carefully will help you avoid any mishaps that may damage your new hot tub. (more…)

buying a hot tub online

Buying a hot tub online may sound like a good idea at first. You might think you’re getting a better deal or saving yourself a trip to the showroom. In the long run, though, purchasing a hot tub or swim spa online can leave you with more negatives than positives. Do your homework and visit a reputable dealer before you buy your new spa. It will make all the difference in the world. Here are three reasons to visit a hot tub dealer instead of buying online.

You don’t get to try before you buy.

A hot tub is an investment that should bring years of enjoyment and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what you’re purchasing. Buying a hot tub online doesn’t allow you to see it up close to inspect the product.

You want to be able to sit in it to make sure the seating is comfortable. You also want to check that the jets are placed properly for your needs. It’s impossible to do this based solely on a website photo or description. Visiting a showroom specializing in hot tubs and spas will allow you to try before you buy. (more…)

Five Simple Hot tub Maintenance Tips

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A hot tub provides countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. In return, it needs a little TLC. But no need to worry—taking care of your hot tub is not hard work! Following some simple maintenance tips will help keep your spa in mint condition.  Here are 5 easy maintenance tips to keep your spa working smoothly from Blue Lagoon Spas & Swim Spas, the #1 Turbo Spas hot tub dealer in Sacramento:

1. Sanitize regularly.

Always keep your hot tub properly sanitized to prevent contamination. A tablespoon of granulated chlorine at the end of the night. Your hot tub dealer in Sacramento can tell you which products they recommend. Floaters and bromine are harmful to your spa and should not be used. Checking a simple test strip on a regular basis will tell you if your levels are at the proper limit. You can add sanitizer as needed. Additionally, it’s a good idea to oxidize your hot tub once a week or so. Oxidizing will help remove residue from sunscreens, body lotions and hair products. (more…)